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Built into two adjacent commercial spaces, Universal Noise Storage consists of two isolation rooms, one large tracking room, a control room, lounge, kitchen and bathroom.

The control room is flanked by isolation rooms 1 and 2, and looks directly into the live room and then at the sky to the west through the high picture window. The console is a modified 48 moving fader Otari Concept Elite with total recall. Mains are Dynaudio M2s powered by a Hothouse S400 supplemented with an NHT B20 stereo sub system. The CraneSong HEDD192 is the primary DAC which feeds a custom monitor switcher/stepped attenuator. Other monitors are JBL LSR6328, Apple "Clearmountain" minis, Optimus 3" and NS10m. All are available at any time via the monitor controller. Preamps are all and always API. Multitrack conversion is Apogee 16x clocked by the Isochrone. DAWs available are ProTools 10HD on an HD3 Accel system, Nuendo and Digital Performer. Racks on the left are mostly fx processing, on the right mostly dynamics. Every piece of gear comes up at a well labelled and clean patchbay in the console.


Iso room 1 (brown) is a very dead space, with one window looking back into and across the control room towards iso 2, and one window into the live room. The perfect voiceover room, or place to stick the double bass player. Each iso room has 10 mic lines and two speaker tie lines back to the control room as well as two feeds for HearBack personal monitor mixers. Stereo speakers for playback (or talkback for those who don't like to wear headphones) are mounted in each room, easily available from the console.



Iso 2 (green) has a bit more of a warm sound to it, with sliding glass doors into the live room and a window looking back into the control room. This room can easily fit a drum kit (and has done so many times) and is the default acoutic guitar tracking room. With the sliders open a very distant room sound is available while still maintaining an "iso" feel on the close mics.


The live room is rougly 28 x 20, with a large window that brings natural light into all of the studio rooms. Keyboards galore here, with two Hammonds (a souped up CV with Leslie and an M101), a Rhodes "suitcase" 73, a Wurlie 200a and a Yamaha baby grand. Various other synths (especially my 80's favorites) lurk about for easy access if needed. There is a set of vibes, a pump organ, two accordions, a glock, autoharp, and a world of noise makers ready for use. A good selection of Zildjian K Custom and A Custom cymbals and Tom's red Mapex kit are around, with an additional 6 or 7 snares, a cajon, ashiko, assorted tambourines, shakers and miscellaneous percussion instruments.

The live room has 24 mic lines and 8 speaker lines to the control room. All rooms have multiple HearBack private headphone mixers available. The live room has one large wall covered in pine and the opposite wall fabric covered with acoustic clouds overhead. A variety of live or damped sounds can be had depending on setup.


The mic cabinet contains more than 100 mics of all types.. large diaphragm Neumann and Gefell to Beyer ribbons, 414 pairs old and new, 10 pairs of small diaphragm condensers from GrooveTubes, Neumann, Beyer, AudioTechnica, Shure, Rode and Elation. SM7, RE20, 421, and a bunch of other great dynamics. All mics and stands are equipped with quick clips for a non-threaded mic change experience. Oh, and there are active and passive direct boxes by Ampeg, Radial and RedBox.


The lounge is a comfortable between take or lunchtime hangout space. Around the couches you'll find records, books, instruments and thousands of cds. And a stereo system, too.

All lighting is on variacs (quiet dimmers) and the studio power is sourced from a massive 50 amp isolation transformer and power conditioner. The studio heat and air conditioning (yes, it works) are isolated from the audio world. Oriental rugs, floor lamps, comfortable chairs and creature comforts are plentiful.

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